Google's user-friendly blogging platform


  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Customizable
  • Cool gadgets


  • A little basic


Blogger, formally known as Blogspot, is a free web app that allows anyone to set up a blog in just a few clicks. You can choose from a range of themes or create your own by editing the HTML.

To create a blog you have to sign in with a Google Account or create a new one, then simply pick a template and you're off. Editing the layout and colors of your Blogger blog is easy, and there is excellent help available.

Publishing is also simple. The New Post field has a Simple and an HTML tab, so you only see code if you want to! Once your blog is up and running, managing it is easy. You can toggle notification emails, and moderating comments is a breeze.

Blogger's best feature is its simplicity, as it's extremely accessible. Wordpress may be more modern, but it's both more complex and harder to customize. Blogger is a great place to start blogging, and can help you learn HTML code while you're at it.

Blogger is a user-friendly and really easy to manage blogging platform, which is ideal for beginners


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